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Walberton Parish Council A27 Consultation Statement

 Walberton Parish Council

A27 Consultation Statement



  • The main political parties want this area to have tens of thousands more houses and with them must come new roads. An A27 improvement is necessary.
  • Walberton PC accepts that all three options meet the Highways England objectives fully. 
  • Last time we supported the pink/blue route, similar to Option 3. 
  • Option 3 is our preferred offline route and is a proposal on which we are willing to offer support under certain circumstances.
  • However we also accept that, as Highways England says, Option 1 costs the least, does the least harm to sustainability and the environment and has much the best balance between its costs and its benefits.
  • We do strongly object to Option 5A on behalf of parishioners. 

These are the reasons

    • It conflicts badly with our Neighbourhood Plan and it damages our community cohesion and sense of place by splitting the parish in two. It destroys Binsted village, quite unnecessarily.
    • Looking into the detail we find it has the worst balance between its costs and its benefits.
    • It is much the worst for increasing traffic on our local rural lanes and the imposition of traffic delays, e.g. it probably doubles the Yapton Lane traffic.
    • It is worst on things like noise and disturbance, visual impact, air quality and loss of amenity. It is significantly more intrusive, and noisy and light-polluting than other options.
    • It does the greatest harm to the environment, and causes the most ecological damage to ancient woodland areas, open spaces and wooded amenity for walkers and others, including our successors living in this place.
  • Walberton PC has produced a 13-page detailed Consultation Response. This can be downloaded here  A27 Consultation Response [pdf] 425KB

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